• Traveling

    Traveling is exciting and at the same time lets you experience different cultures and cuisines.

  • Expensive

    There is no denying that traveling is expensive

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Traveling is exciting

But that can actually be worked on. These few tips below can help you travel the world even if you are tight on budget.

Flight tickets

Flight tickets tend to get expensive close to the traveling date. So make your plans well in advance and book your flight tickets early. This is sure to let you grab some great rates. If you are fine with traveling during the off-season then this could work out to be cheaper. After you select the destination do a little research about the best time to travel to the place. This is the time when you would notice that the flight tickets are the most expensive because of the surge in demand. Instead, you could book at some low-season time or also just a few weeks before or after the high season time. This could get you a bargain.

The other secret is to do a little research about the city from where you wish to depart and your destination city. It is observed that most of the times the cities where the traffic is high charge you less on the airfare. Certain sectors in the same countries charge you lesson flight fares. You could make use of that. Traveling within cities in a country is not that expensive as you could always take a bus or a train to travel within the country.

Look to book your flight tickets that depart and land at odd times. So if your flight is said late at night or early in the morning then you could be able to get cheaper rates.


Theothermajorexpense that one has to bear in mind when traveling is the accommodation cost. It pays to book your accommodation in advance. You could definitely book a budget hotel or even book a hostel. This would let you save a lot of money.

There are a number of hotel comparison websites that compare the hotels for you in terms of service and price. You could make use of these websites and get the best deal. Booking through these websites is also recommended because the travel websites usually charge less as compared to booking directly from the hotel website.

Take care to select an area that is close to the metro station or to a bus stop. In this way, you will end up spending less to commute to and from the hotel to avail of public transport. Booking a hotel that includes breakfast in the stay is also a good idea. Some hotels give you a discount if you book for more than 3 nights. You could always make use of these offers and save some money.


Eating out is another major expense that adds to your travel budget. Some tips to save money on food are to opt for takeaway than sit in the restaurant and enjoy your meal. Many restaurants charge you to have your meal at the restaurant. You can always save on that expense when you opt to take away and enjoy your meal on the go.

Instead of eating junk and spending on food at restaurants, you can always visit the local supermarket and get some packed food. Some sandwiches, fruits, and bakery items can be purchased in advance and stocked. This not only turns out to be cheaper but also healthier.

Most of the hostels also offer you a kitchen where you can quickly prepare a light snack or heat some food brought from the supermarket. In this way, you save a lot on eating outside.

Traveling is the best experience that you can gift yourself. It is all about planning well in advance to save you from spending on what is not required. Travel smart and on budget.

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